Scripting: sushi_bento

" is an alternative custom shelf concept designed to be easily portable"

I've always wanted an easy way to carry my shelf/scripts around without touching the prefs folder. Recently I saw someone modded a Nintento's power glove controller into his own tool for stop motion animation @, after seeing the video I was inspired to make something wacky for myself in Maya!

Released in 1989 @ 75$ (128$ in 2015)

The majors features I wanted in my script was:

1) ..Can be placed anywhere the user wants from USB to desktop

This was surprisingly easy with the use of sys.path.append from Python, compared to setting up environment variables to add a python path.

2) ..Migrate all current shelf buttons I use onto the GUI

I noticed tabLayout only supports one children, which pretty much forces you to use formLayout if you want a decent layout per tab. I don't know if there is a way for declared items in formlayout to be indented so that it can be hid away by code folding, so at the moment it adds huge blocks of text in the code..

Tons of buttons in the first tab.

3) ..Simulates Maya's ability to save user preference

Friend suggested me to use .json files, which is shipped with Python (Which is shipped with Maya) so nothing new needs to be installed. For variables saved in a dictionary format in Python it wouldn't be too hard to migrate that data into a .json file. It took a while to get the load and save to work properly from user end, but now it works great!

 User input can be saved and loaded on next start up of the script.

Overall the tool is not powerful and flexible enough to completely replace Maya's custom shelf, but I think it offers some very unique features that will be useful to users in various part of the pipeline.