Scripting: sushi_conveyorBelt

"Duplicate/orient/align object along a chosen path"
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Last year, I wanted to align an object to a curve but didn't know how...

It was only until recently I remembered that the motion path's "follow" feature allows just that, also Maya's "animation snapshot" does something similar as well.

Before I knew about using motion path, it was the script by Daniel Reusch that solved my problem first. It was a pretty cool script that made use of motion path as well, and eventually inspired me to make my own version to implement a flexible spacing adjustment system.

One of the biggest problem I faced was the motion path function pathAnimation messes up the undo que for Maya, and I couldn't figure out a way to go around it. My only solution was to store the most current created "belt", and allow the user to delete it...

I want to move forward in python, so I am releasing the mel version I have now, and plan to roll out updates later in the python version.

FYI when I tried making 200 copies Maya crashed.