Scripting: sushi_FK

1. Create a shelf button:

Source sushi_FK;

2. Select joint(s) you want the control(s) to be made on.

3. Run script.

4. Adjust controller size.

5. Manually parent controllers in outliner depending on your heiarchy set up. 

A few restrictions:
- Doesn't work for joints with multiple translation values (only happens if you moved it, rotations are okay)

- Doesn't work for single joints/end joint of joint chains

- Doesn't support selections other than joints


 I saw a script that builds a nurbs circle that matches the size of your joint chain, then parents the shape of the nurb circle under the joint, effectively making it the controller of the joint (the joint now act as the transform group!)

It was pretty intriguing but I wanted a version where the controller and the joint are on separate hierarchies as it seems to be better for organization during rigging, and I decided to go with a nurbs box controller instead since it's easier to select.

I had a lot of fun making it, the only inconvenience is probably that it doesn't automatically track hierarchy so you have to manually parent your controllers afterwards, which is not a big deal unless you have a very large chain where you want a controller on every joint..

I've made a mel version which I will be sharing, and a python version which I will work on in the future to fix some issues I'd like to overcome, hopefully someone finds it useful! :D