Showcase: Spaceship/Alien 2nd GIG

"Are embedding links really a good idea? What if one day something goes amiss and all the links broke, I wouldn't want to patch them all up.." ponders the guy that embeds his links.

So I had the opportunity to work with the spaceship and alien models again, which was nice because the last time I used them they were put in a rather barren environment with ill lighting.

I've used a various of external tools to help set up the scene, such as emfxCLOUDs which forced me pick up some fundamental knowledge to lighting and rendering fluids efficiently in Maya. Or QTown 2.0, which spent me many hours trying to tweak the mel script so that instead of connecting the greyscale color map to a reflection map, they also link to a bump node; which I thought was an amazing idea until I later see that my spaceship flies so fast it passes the buildings in mere seconds before I can land my eyes on them anyway. Finally Kludge City, really easy to break, but really flexible in geometric base shape creation. Different minds, different intentions, various awesomeness.

I'd say the biggest setback I face was not knowing how to properly set up and navigate in a massive scene filled with... stuff. The scene was very choppy, which turned me working very choppy, while time ticked on at what seemed like twice as normal.

I am already looking forward to working on the next project.

The music meant everything to me.