Showcase: Spaceship/Alien

Cutscene from the footage.

I recently completed a short footage (video below) for a school assignment, it's amazing how much you can learn from working on projects beyond the original scope of the project itself.
Many features I've attempted on this film kind of failed, for instance:

1) Attempted to make a rigid body procedural shield by using contact data to change the incandescence of the material  => (Appeared in play blast but not in render)

2) Keyed a passive rigid body to move and collide into a wall of moving active rigid bodies that were only keyed to active at a specific time, while trying to make sure the rigid bodies are not too close to each other for penetrations to occur at the beginning => (Active rigid bodies would accurate simulate the first time in playback but later on just fly all the way to infinity space)

3) Dynamic hair driven spline-IK bone chain for the tongue of the alien => (Kept getting some error on key change too big and cannot simulate accurately, maybe I should have baked the simulation?)

Anyway, much to learn and much fun to be had ahead, Happy New Years!


I spent some time trying to upload the spaceship model onto sketchfab so people can take a closer look at the ship, but I am not well versed in texture map creation and exporting them from Maya so the turn out is a bit disappointing , but nonetheless, fun!