Script: sushi_rename

"sushi_rename is a flexible renaming tool for selections in the Outliner"

Scripting: sushi_bento

" is an alternative custom shelf concept designed to be easily portable"

Problems Tackled!: Variable declaration in Maya Python's button command & # NameError: name 'function' is not defined #

The way of the

def sushi():
    cmds.button(command = "var = funA(); funB()")
    cmds.button(command = funC(var))

def funA():
    return var

def funB():

def funC(var)

Scripting: sushi_conveyorBelt

"Duplicate/orient/align object along a chosen path"
Download Here

Last year, I wanted to align an object to a curve but didn't know how...

Scripting: sushi_FK

1. Create a shelf button:

Source sushi_FK;